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See the Difference with Durashield Plus Total Car Protectant – Product Focus

Never battle the elements without a shield!

New Durashield® Plus with Body Armor® is a stronger, longer lasting protectant that bonds to the vehicle’s surface. Durashield Plus delivers a soft shiny surface and protects from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain and hard water spots. While very similar to Blendco’s original Durashield Protectant, Durashield Plus has extra enhancements for greater show!

What our customers say...
Customers enjoy the colour, fragrance and the visual appeal entices them to use it again and again. Because of the superior performance and application customers believe it is a quality product. It also offers a great shine that lasts!! From an owners point of view and looking into the costs of running Durashield Plus I was surprised to see how little it costs me to run and how long the drum lasts. – Michael, Victoria

I use Durashield Plus at my car wash and customers comment that they can really notice the difference to other protectants they have used in the past. It has a long lasting shine and they like the fruity fragrance and great visual application on the car. Customers feel they are getting real value for money. I am very happy to be using a product that really works, my customers like and is a cost effective product to use when running a car wash business. - Sam, Victoria

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 March 2014