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Here is your basic checklist for Summer!

With the busy summer season fast approaching, now is a good time to get back to basics by carrying out a thorough check of your site and equipment to help prevent issues over summer and to ensure your customers have the best possible experience as they wash their car.

The following little checks should be carried out weekly but it's easy to miss some of the small things when we are so busy.

  1. Have a good look over all your equipment and closely watch a few washes in each package on your auto.
  2. Is there good soap coverage? When was the last time you checked the titrations? When the rinse starts is there enough pressure and are the nozzles delivering correctly. Turbo nozzles can get stuck and fan nozzles may have small blockages. Are the nozzles getting worn out?
  3. Is the wax coverage good and are the cars beading water and leaving a nice shiny finish.
  4. Is there enough spot free to rid the car of all remaining chemical and is the TDS low enough to prevent spotting? When did you last change the pre filters on your R/O system?
  5. Look for leaks on hoses and swivels in the bay and determine whether the relevant parts have been properly lubricated. On the pump stand check your hydrominders or injectors. Is the HP pump due for an oil change?
  6. With the self serve again look closely at every function in every bay. Check all the high pressure gun and hose swivels for leaks or wear. Is there enough pressure in the rinse? Are the pumps due for a service? How worn are the foam brushes?
  7. If you have them, check that the hydrominder tanks are clean, including all strainers. Are hydrominders operating correctly or do you need to replace kits in some?
  8. Check vacuums and vending machines are operating correctly too. Do all your vacuums have good suction? Do filters need cleaning or door gaskets replaced?

This is all pretty basic stuff but it is surprising how it can get overlooked. Now is as good a time as any to ensure a system is in place to ensure your customers get consistent quality results from your wash.


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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 28 October 2015