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A Customer Review – Bowen Car Wash, Steve & Tamara Ryan

When we took over the site in December 2013, it was very run down with substandard equipment and soaps. We kept the site open while upgrading old equipment and installing a LaserWash 4000 and a new Tru Blu Dogwash. We also converted the soaps to the SuperSat system, all with the help of the Prowash boys.

We’ve had roughly 15 years in the industry and have always dealt with Scott and the Prowash team. Initially we set op ‘The Old Weighbridge Carwash’ in Naracoorte, SA and sold it after about 6 years. We then found a site in Busselton and built and set up ‘Prowash Busselton’ along with Brent Grigg. Brent manages this site (brother in law to Steve, brother of Tamara). After selling the business that we had operated for 27 years, we were looking for something else and Scott suggested this site. We believe the success of our car wash is having always maintained good customer service, a clean site and quality soaps and wash. We are on our site 7 days a week, always offering help and guidance if needed.

The feedback of the new Bowen Car Wash has been positive, with customers commenting on the quality of soaps and how clean their cars are, also commenting on how clean and tidy the site always is.

Our favourite feature of the car wash - happy customers, clean cars and great feedback. We wouldn’t have taken on this project without the support and back up knowledge from the team at ‘Prowash’. Our previous washes have been set up as new sites and this is the first time we have taken over an existing site. It has been a challenge to upgrade the site and how we wanted it to run, but proves with a bit of hard work, we now have it going in the right direction!

All of us at Prowash wish Steve and Tamara all the best with the success of their car wash and thank them for sharing their story.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 September 2014