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Keep Your Eye on Vending

Vending can be a great additional revenue stream for the car wash. Vendors take up little space and are cheap and easy to run. There can be a good return on many of the products sold and a good range of the correct products may encourage customers to choose your wash over others in the area.
A basic minimum range of products to offer through your vending machine should include drying towels, interior cleaners protectants, fragrances and glass cleaners. It may take some time trying different brands, fragrances and versions of these products to find what sells best in your area.

To make the most of your vending sales ask us or other owners for suggestions, tips, popular products or just trial something different and see how it sells. If they aren't selling well it's better to find a more popular product rather than sticking with a 'slow mover'. If you have slow moving stock left over perhaps use them as giveaways to customers, after all everyone loves something for free.

The site and the condition of your vendors can be important as well. If your vendors are close to the change machine or in a prominent position they can sell more product, especially through impulse buys. Customers are more confident to drop their hard earned coins into a machine that looks tidy and well maintained. Something as simple as replacing old tired decals could lead to more revenue and decals are often available free of charge.

Look out for deals on new vendors. Sometimes a vendor will come with free stock which when sold can go a long way to covering the initial cost.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 May 2015