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Blendco Splatter Wax Review

If you haven’t heard Prowash has introduced a new line of waxes, thanks to Blendco Systems. Splatter Wax with Carnauba is a high foaming polish with Carnauba wax that gives vehicles a hand waxed softness and shine. You can “feel” the difference!! Splatter Wax with Carnauba offers a protective layer to the vehicle’s surface while providing a softness and shine like nothing else. Splatter Wax with Carnauba provides exceptional foam and show and not only that, it smells great too!!

You've probably heard of Carnauba wax before, a product crafted straight from Brazilian palm trees. Most highly regarded vehicle waxes are crafted with some level of Carnauba in the formula. Carnauba wax is also the choice material among professionals and enthusiasts alike in automatic and self serve car washes. Carnauba wax produces an unmistakable shine with incredible depth that synthetic waxes just can't match.

Everybody has a different level of love and involvement with their vehicle finish. This pattern is reflected in the huge array of waxes available on the market. However, each car wax falls into one of two categories: natural waxes, which are most often made from Carnauba, and synthetic waxes, also known as sealers. In general, natural waxes provide the deepest, most desirable shine enthusiasts crave.They require some TLC, and a few extra bucks, but the results are flat out stunning. If pure finish sheen is what you're after, there's no other way to go.

Don’t go for any secondary waxes, true Splatter Wax with Carnauba leaves a soft and shiny vehicle that customer’s will keep coming back for. Still thinking about it.... what’s to think about?! Consider it a cost effective upgrade and investment. The brilliantly formulated all in one conditioner and wax leaves a long-lasting finishing shine and protection for guaranteed customer return. If you already have a splatter gun with wax treatment installed in your self serve car wash bay consider upgrading your product to Splatter Wax and if you don’t, well you’ll be adding a feature to your car wash and providing results that will keep customers coming back for more. Since Splatter Wax’s introduction at Prowash the response to its effectiveness has been phenomenal and the demand is growing. So don’t be the last to get on board.

  • Produces a soft and shiny surface for a difference you can really feel!
  • Creates results that will bring customers back again and again!
  • Provides an outstanding foamy show with a pleasant pina colada scent
  • Splatter Wax with Carnauba can be used in tunnel, automatic and self serve application
Testimonials :

"I've been in the industry for more than 20 years and this is the best new product I have seen. I've got new customers that used to wash at home now coming to the wash instead because they love this wax with the Carbauba so much"
Ken McKnight, Maxi-Shine Car Wash

"Splatter Wax with Carnauba is leaving my customers cars with great shine and a smooth, soft feel. they can really notice the difference and it is proving very popular"
Phil, Carwash on Waterdale

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Author: Liz Reisman
Date Published: 25 September 2015