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Vacs, Fragrance & Air Shammee

Top quality best price, iVac car wash vacuum, Fragramatics fragrance machine and Air Shammee

iVac carwash vacuums are made in Australia by Prowash Australia. This vacuum features all stainless steel construction that is built to last complete with Smooth-Bor® vacuum hose with swivel cuff and nozzle.  Prowash is pleased to present you the Fragramatics premium car care fragrance machine and Air Shammee designed to maximize impulse income and generate profits for you.

Prowash iVac TURBO Vacuum
Price: $7,950.00
In Stock
Code: PM27001
Fragramatics Turbo Vacuum
Price: $9,950.00
Out of Stock
Code: PM25001
Fragramatics Vac/Fragrance Combo
Price: $11,950.00
Out of Stock
Code: PM24001
Fragrance Machine Fragramatics EVD-3 Complete
Call for price and availability
Code: DH29130

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